1. 1999

    ITPAC Araguaína (TO) College is founded, later transferred to Palmas (TO).

    Number of seats: 80

    Total seats: 80

  2. 2004

    Acquisition of UNIVAÇO (Ipatinga College), in MG, and IPTAN (Presidente Tancredo Neves Higher Education Institute), in São João del-Rei (MG).

    Number of seats Univaço: 100

    Number of seats Iptan: 49

    Total seats: 229

  3. 2008

    ITPAC Porto Nacional (TO) starts to operate.

    Number of seats: 120

    Total seats: 349

  4. 2010

    Start of the IESVAP project, in Parnaíba (PI).

    Number of seats: 80

    Total seats: 429

  5. 2016

    Creation of the holding company NRE Educacional, in partnership with the Bozano Investment Fund.

  6. 2017

    Activities start at the ITPAC Palmas (TO) unit. ITPAC Araguaína (TO) and IPTAN (currently UNIPTAN, in MG) become University Centers. Opening of NRE Educacional Services Center, in Nova Lima (MG).

    Number of seats ITPAC Palmas: 120

    Total seats: 549

  7. 2018

    Acquisition of 60% of the shares of FMIT – School of Medicine of Itajubá (MG), 100% of FADEP – Pato Branco (PR) College, and 80% of UNINOVAFAPI (PI). 7 Mais Medicos Campuses Awared

    Number of seats FMIT: 87

    Number of seats FADEP: 110

    Number of seats UNINOVAFAPI: 171

    Number of seats 7 Mais Médicos Campuses: 350

    Total seats: 1,267

  8. 2019

    Afya Educacional is born from the merger of two brands whose purpose is the teaching of medicine: NRE, leader in medical undergraduate programs in the country, and Medcel, a brand of preparatory courses for residency programs. Afya emerges with an innovative market positioning: be a physician’s key partner throughout their career.

    Acquisition of Faculdades Santo Agostinho. FASA has four units, two in Bahia, with a medical program (Vitória da Conquista and Itabuna) and two in Minas Gerais (Montes Claros and Sete Lagoas).

    Number of seats: 185

    Total seats: 1,452

    Acquisition of IPEMED, a medical graduate school brand. Founded in 2005, in Belo Horizonte, IPEMED has a portfolio of programs in several specialties, operating in five units: BH, RJ, SP, Salvador and DF.

    Afya’s IPO on Nasdaq up to US$250 million

    Acquisition of the School of Medicine of Marabá (PA). FACIMPA marks Afya’s arrival to Pará, with the offer of 120 annual seats in the medical program.

    Number of seats: 120

    Total seats: 1,572

  9. 2020

    The acquisition of UniRedentor University Center, in Rio de Janeiro, represented Afya’s arrival in this state. With several undergraduate and graduate degrees in the health area, the hallmark of the institution is the medical program at UniRedentor’s campus in the city of Itaperuna.

    Number of seats: 112

    Total seats: 1,684

    The acquisition of the University Center São Lucas Porto Velho and São Lucas Ji-Paraná brought Afya to Rondônia. The capital’s unit, Porto Velho, is authorized by MEC (Ministry of Education) to offer a medical degree with 182 annual seats.

    Number of seats: 182

    Total seats: 1,866

    The healthtech PEBMED joins the group, an acquisition that marked Afya’s ingress in the area of digital services for physicians. Created in 2012, PEBMED owns Whitebook, a technological platform for clinical decision-making support, and a leader in this segment.

    Acquisition of UnifipMoc and Fip Guanambi, in the states of Minas Gerais and Bahia. Start of operation of ITPAC Santa Inês (MA), a medical school won by Afya under the scope of the 2018 public tender for the Federal Government’s Mais Médicos Program. ITPAC Santa Inês marked Afya’s arrival in the state of Maranhão.

    Number of seats: 160

    Total seats: 2,026

    Acquisition of two new HEIs that offer medical degrees: Fesar, in Redenção (PA), and FCMPB, in João Pessoa (PB). In the same month, Afya made its second foray into the segment of digital services for physicians with the acquisition of Medphone.

    Number of seats FESAR: 120

    Number of seats FCMPB: 157

    Total seats: 2,303

    Start of operation of ITPAC Cruzeiro do Sul (AC), a medical school won by Afya under the scope of the 2018 public tender for the Federal Government’s Mais Médicos Program. ITPAC Cruzeiro do Sul marked Afya’s arrival in the state of Acre.

    Total seats: 2,303

  10. 2021

    Acquisition of iClinic, a startup created in 2012 to bring technology to physicians through an electronic medical record, online medical appointment scheduling, marketing and financial management, and billing of health insurance operators.

    Medicinae, the group’s 4th healthtech is acquired. Created in 2016, this fintech offers physicians solutions to control their practice’s cash flow and working capital.

    Acquisition of Cliquefarma and Medical Harbour. Clickfarma is a price comparison website for the end consumer. And Medical Harbour develops imaging solutions for health education, especially anatomy. It also works with radiology solutions.

    Acquisition of SHOSP, a practice management software that includes management and service functionalities, such as scheduling, medical record, financial control, patient relationship hub, in addition to a telemedicine modul

    SoftBank Latin America Fund becomes a shareholder of Afya (with 8.4% of the shares), after an investment of US$ 150 million.

    Acquisition of UNIFIPMoc and FIP Guanambi, a post-secondary education institution with government authorization to offer on-campus, undergraduate courses in medicine in the states of Minas Gerais and Bahia.

    Number of seats: 160

    Acquisition of UNIGRANRIO, in Rio de Janeiro state, our biggest medical school acquisition in number of medical seats. UNIGRANRIO has the highest quality score among all for-profit Universities and University Centers in the state of Rio de Janeiro with solid IGC continuos of 3.16.

    Number of seats: 308

    Acquisition of RX PRO, solution that connects physicians with the pharmaceutical industry, providing specialized and personalized marketing for those companies, in a more convenient way for physicians. RX PRO does this by delivering free samples to a community of pre-selected physicians and offering medical updates regarding pharmaceutical products and treatments in a fast and efficient way for doctors.

    Acquisition of ITPAC – Garanhuns, in Pernambuco state. This authorization is in connection with a previous requirement made by ITPAC, a subsidiary of Afya Participações (“Afya Brazil”), to expand their operation and open a branch in the city of Garanhuns, before the consolidation of Afya.

    Number of seats: 120

    Total seats: 2,731

  11. 2022

    Acquisition of Além da Medicina, a medical content online platform for physicians and medical students that provides educational tools besides technical medical content that can assist them throughout their careers. Its robust content includes mentoring for residency, soft skills, finance, accounting, and investment basics for physicians.

    Increase of 28 seats of Centro Universitário São Lucas, in Ji-Parana, located in the state of Rondônia, authorized by the Secretary of Regulation and Supervision of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education (“MEC”).

    Number of seats: 28

    Total seats: 2,759

    Acquisition of Cardiopapers, the main medical content and education platform in the Cardiology field, offering courses and books developed by physicians and for physicians, covering all phases of the medical career, aligned with Afya’s overall business strategy.

    Acquisition of Glic, a free diabetes care and management app solution for physicians and patients that uses technology to improve diabetes education and daily routine practices, connecting users, devices and health providers.

    Increase of 64 medical seats of Faculdade Santo Agostinho, in the city of Itabuna, located in the state of Bahia, authorized by the Ministry of Education (“MEC”) authorized the. With the authorization, Afya reached 149 medical seats on this campus.

    Number of seats: 64

    Total seats: 2,823

  12. 2023

    The acquisition of 100% of the total share capital of Sociedade Educacional e Cultural Sergipe DelRey Ltda. (“DelRey”), that encompasses the operations of Centro Universitário Tiradentes Alagoas (“UNIMA Alagoas”) and Faculdade Tiradentes Jaboatão dos Guararapes (“Faculdade de Ciências Médicas Jaboatão dos Guararapes”), was concluded on January 2nd. The purchase of UNIMA and Faculdade de Ciências Médicas Jaboatão dos Guararapes is the 20th Afya’s acquisition, among the educational and healthtech institutions, since the IPO, in 2019.

    Number of seats: 340

    Total seats: 3,163