Officers and Directors

Executive Officers

Name Office
Virgilio Deloy Capobianco Gibbon Chief Executive Officer
Júlio De Angeli Vice President of Innovation
Luis André Blanco Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Name Office
Nicolau Carvalho Esteves Chairman of the Board
Kay Krafft Director
Shobhna Mohn Director
Sérgio Mendes Botrel Coutinho Director
Daulins Emilio Director
Renato Tavares Esteves Director
Paulo Passoni Director
João Paulo Seibel de Faria Independent Director
Vanessa Claro Lopes Independent Director
Flávio Dias Independent Director
Miguel Filisbino Pereira de Paula Independent Director

Senior Management

Name Office
Anibal Sousa Legal and Compliance Officer
Dênis Del Bianco HR and Corporate Services VP
Flavio Carvalho Undergrad and Educon VP
Gabriela Monteiro Viana Marketing VP