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  • 1,330 MWh of energy generated by photovoltaic units, using sunlight as their energy source, installed in our facilities, which are self-sufficient in power generation with zero carbon emissions. The forecast is to extend this model to all of our campuses

  • 4 units using solar energy and 8 under implementation = 50% of our campuses

  • 140 tons of co2 not emitted to the atmosphere = 1157 planted trees


  • Presence in remote locations generate jobs and development for the region.

  • Clinics in the teaching units, where free health care is offered to the population in partnership with the Unified Health System (SUS), of which 427,000 free consultations were delivered in 2020

  • 16,865 graduate program students benefiting from scholarships in 2020


  • Participation in recognized collective initiatives that reinforce our commitment and engagement with ESG - UN Global Compact signatory

  • 6100 employees, 55% are women

  • 725 executives, 55% are women

  • 11 members of board of directors, 18% are women and 36% are independents

  • Evaluated and qualified suppliers

  • Complied with SOX

  • Whistleblowing channel with third party