ESG Strategy


In recent years, we have seen the maturity and awareness of society in relation to the social, environmental and climate challenges facing current and future generations. Aware of the role we play, aspects related to ESG permeate our strategies and routines. We seek to contribute to the social and economic development of the locations in which we operate.

As the largest education and digital solutions hub for physicians in Brazil, our social role goes beyond offering education, training professionals or technologies for professional practice. Our operations effectively contribute to improving the quality of life and well-being of surrounding communities, in alignment with the goals of SDG 3 – “Health and Well-Being”, defined by the UN for the 2030 Agenda.

By offering free clinical consultations and initiatives for communities surrounding our operations, aimed at promoting health and preventing diseases, we impact thousands of people in all regions of Brazil.








Big Numbers



  • 6.341 MWh per year of power generation capacity in photovoltaic plants 75% increase compared to 2022

  • 100% of undergraduate and continuing education operations do not emit greenhouse gases related to electricity consumption (scope 2)

  • 2x more educational institutions with installed photovoltaic plants. We went from 9 to 18 in 2023


  • 47% of employees are black or mixed-race

  • 58% of employees are women

  • Graduation of the 1st class of medical course from the Mais Médicos program


  • 45% of leadership positions are held by women

  • 36% of Board of Directors are women

  • 36% of directors are independent


  • +2 million free clinical services provided to communities since 2019

  • +6.400 individual consultations dedicated to mental health care of medical students

  • +20 thousand physicians graduated by 2023

Promoting Impact


We recognize the influence of our business on the lives of millions of people. The potential positive impact is confirmed by some characteristics of our operations:


More than 60% of our undergraduate units are located outside metropolitan regions, where there are more vacancies and a deficient health care infrastructure.

By internalizing quality higher education, we contribute to expanding and democratizing access to professional training and health services.


Undergraduate and continuing education students from medical courses and other health areas provide free health care to the population, in partnership with the SUS (Unified Health System).

Since 2019, Afya has provided more than 2 million free clinical consultations for communities.


In our operations, the female gender predominates, corresponding to 58% of the total number of employees at the end of 2023.

Among leadership, 45% of positions are held by women. On the Board of Directors, they correspond to 36% of the members.


A practice that sets us apart is the priority we give to the use of clean energy sources, especially solar, to minimize the impact of operations on the surrounding area.

More than half of our educational units are supplied by self-generated solar energy, with photovoltaic plants installed, ensuring self-sufficiency in energy generation.


Watch the videos and learn more about Afya’s social impacts on the lives of doctors and traditional communities, through technology and free healthcare.




Our Commitments


We are signatories to the Global Compact, an initiative led by the United Nations (UN), and have made a public commitment to promote gender equality, achieving 50% of leadership positions held by women by 2030.

As part of the Global Compact, we also joined the Mente em Foco Movement, which aims to stimulate discussion about mental health and establish concrete actions to support employees in creating a healthy working environment.

Students and health professionals go through years of study, hours of shifts, countless appointments, detailed medical records, births and deaths. Afya knows this reality intimately and has been following the evolution and needs of medical education and practice for years. For this reason, promoting the mental health of doctors and medical students is a strategic cause for the company and is directly connected to our brand positioning, our purpose and our vision for the future.










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