Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Our mission is to become the reference in medical and healthcare education, empowering students to transform their ambitions into rewarding lifelong learning experiences.

Medical education has evolved over time. However, until recently, the foundations of how medical schools and educational programs developed, assessed, and disseminated medical education content remained largely static. Increased knowledge of how the human brain functions and processes information has led to a shift towards improved ways to transfer and retain knowledge, to the benefit of today’s physicians.

Physicians are lifelong medical learners that must learn and retain evolving medical knowledge and that face increased competition from their peers. We believe our focused, individualized, and technology-enabled offerings can provide them with a more effective, personalized, and retainable learning experience.

We are passionate about knowledge and committed to enabling lifelong medical learners reach their full potential. We expect our end-to-end physician-centric ecosystem to benefit students enrolled in our schools and digital platforms, our educators, our residency network (comprised of partner hospitals and clinics), and third-party medical schools that adopt our products and services.

Since many of our schools are located in geographic regions where medical services are scarce and populations are underserved, our students have a positive social impact on the underprivileged population of those regions through our training programs that provide free medical consultations and treatments. By empowering our students to be lifelong learners, we foster better physicians, improve access to medical care in the regions of Brazil in which we are present, and ultimately help save lives.